A Dad on Fire is different.

Stronger, Resilient and Responsible for his results.

*Dads on Fire treat their bodies like a temple.

We don't restrict food or suffer in the gym. Dads on Fire actually eat more, exercise less and have more time to celebrate life.

*Dads On Fire are about being 1% better every day.

A Dad on Fire is the courageous person inside of us who takes full responsibility for where he’s at without being a victim of his circumstances.  

*Dads On Fire walk the talk.

A Dad on Fire values freedom and isn’t about just talk, but getting it DONE. A Dad on Fire can have it all and do it all without having to compromise integrity.  

*Dads On Fire care about long-term results.

Dads on Fire fight against big pharma, magic supplements and secret formulas to burn fat…

And WIN!

*Dads On Fire are more than just a body. We are leaders and role models for our family, friends and kids.

A Dad on Fire  knows that health goes way beyond diet and exercise. A Dad on Fire is in control of his destiny, situation, health, body, and in turn, LIFE.

Dad on Fire is a way of being that you choose to step into. It’s your confident self. It means putting aside all your fears, doubts, excuses, and every reason you think you can’t do it.

I am a Dad on Fire:

I treat my body like a temple.

I am 1% better every day.

I walk the talk.

I am about real results.

I am a leader and a role model.

I am Vitality, Leadership and Celebration.

I am a Dad on Fire now!



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