Bruno da Gama is the Founder and CEO of the Dads On Fire Project.

The #1 “Driven Results” transformational program for busy Dads over 30 in the world.

He has helped several Dads get rid of the Dad Bod forever in just 81 days.

He is also the host of the noteworthy podcast on iTunes called Dads On Fire.

Bruno da Gama was born and raised on a beautiful island in the south of Brazil called Florianopolis, where it WASN’T always easy to be healthy.

Due to his poor body image, self-doubt and insecurity were a constant.

After a lot of pain, experimentation and hard work, he finally discovered what it takes to achieve long-term health and “Burn Fat Forever!”

When he moved to big cities such as São Paulo and New York City, he noticed that Dads are under a very serious health crisis.

Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease have reached unthinkable levels than have ever been seen in history.

And let’s not forget his favorite topic: FAT LOSS.

The “Dad Bod epidemic” is not a problem exclusive to rich countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

In his dear home country Brazil, almost 70% of dads are overweight or obese as well.

This is absurd!

Many years ago, he became obsessed with discovering

about finding out how to “Burn Fat Forever” and he started to research hundreds of studies, books, articles and interviews by the best specialists in the industry.

In the search to improve YOUR well being, Bruno da Gama has embarked on a journey that led him to become:

*Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by NTA

*Certified Personal Trainer by ISSA

*Holistic Lifestyle Coach by the CHEK Institute

*Associate degree in Liberal Arts from City University  of New York

“Give us 15 minutes of your day, and We”ll give you 50 extra years of an extraordinary life”


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I used to hate my body.

My body + My mentality was = Low self esteem.

I would look in the mirror and ask:


Why can’t a be stronger? Why can’t I be fitter? Why can’t I have the body of my dreams?!”

I remember like it was yesterday.

The 2 worst days of every single school year.

It was physical education class and every single student had to step on the scale to check our weight.

I would be shaking during the whole class. I actually would try to hide myself and be the last one in line so no one would see my weight on the scale.

However, at the end I was never lucky because sooner or later one of my class mate would see the number and share with everyone else.

I felt completely embarrassed, ashamed and people made fun of me.

Like every single young man, I wanted to look good with my shirt off.

I wanted to have the confidence to go to the beach without having to worry about what people would think of me.

I just wanted to look good naked :)

But most importantly, I wanted to matter. I wanted to run away from a constant state of fear that was dominating my life.

I wanted to be proud of myself. I wanted to create a life worth living and be an example for my family.

Then at 16 years old, I found out about the power of resistance training and things started to change for me. I started to gain muscle and my body went through a transformation.

However, there was a big issue. Fitness actually didn’t solve all of my problems.

In fact, it solved only a few...

I was still struggling with severe mood swings.

My energy was all over the place (up and down, up and down).

I would get sick quite often and most importantly, I was still lacking confidence and was not happy with my life.

What the hell!


What should I do?

I had no idea.

I kept living a mediocre life for several years clueless about what to do.

Until one spring morning in NYC.

After playing tennis with my friend Paul, he asked me if I’ve heard about this guy Sean Croxton on the Internet. I said NO, but I will check him out.

That day, my life started to change forever.

That day in 2011 changed everything for me.

Sean was making YouTube videos and interviewing some experts on topics that I’ve never heard in my whole life.

He was talking about exercise on a way I’ve never seen before. He was talking about something I never heard called “personalized nutrition”.

He was talking about the importance of sleep, stress management, digestion, hormones, detoxification, metabolism, etc.

I was learning a whole new world.

Although, those were not the most impressive things I was learning.

I started to learn from other worldwide experts on topics of mindset, habits formation, behavior change, purpose, values, principles.

I also was introduced to the power of the environment (friends, family, insights), support, motivation, accountability, coaching, personalization, etc.

From that day, I embarked on a fascinating journey where I started to “eat” hundreds of books, seminars, videos, courses, podcasts, certifications (I am a NTP by the Nutritional Therapy Association, CPT by ISSA and CHC by the Chek Institute) and everything/one else I could learn from.

And most importantly, I started to apply what I was learning in my own life.

The results were incredible!

Not only I can burn fat effortless, but also my energy is high from morning to evening. I feel like a million $$$ every single day. My mood swings are gone. I rarely get sick. And my mental focus is higher than ever.

Now the best part about this journey is that I started to apply the same principles in all areas of my life. Not just health but also, relationships, career, happiness, purpose.

I started to live in a state of confidence rather than fear. In gratitude rather than scarcity. In growth mode rather than stagnation. My relationships went to a whole new level and my happiness came back full power!

Now, please don’t get me wrong! I still struggle with several things in life.

It’s not about that. It’s about understanding that everything is part of the growth journey that every single one of us can strive for.

I saw both sides of the coin. I saw hell and heaven.

And that my friend is why I feel obligated to share this with you.

Because I know that there is a better way. I know that you can transform your body, health and life.

I know that you don’t need more information but rather implementation.

I also know that conventional fat loss industry is dead.

More workout plans, exercise routines, recipe guides and meal plans are not the solution for you.

For God sake!!! I give those as BONUSES inside of my paid programs...

And that my friend is exactly why I created the Dads On Fire System which is a constant evolution since 2011 and that now has helped several other dads around the world to say Bye Bye to the Dad Bod forever in 81 days.

Let’s do this! It’s possible! And it’s better than you can ever imagine!